Returns are only accepted subject to our review. Therefore, a printed and accurate description of the error must be enclosed with every complained article! If individual articles are fully functional contrary to the error description, you will receive them back with a detailed test report. For each function test, our service partner charges a flat rate of currently 19.95 EUR net including shipping costs, which we unfortunately have to invoice for fully functional articles. You can of course avoid these costs by checking the function beforehand and sorting out functional goods that can be withdrawn. In the past, over 80% of all “defect returns” were fully functional and were not reimbursed by the manufacturers. Since we have not been able to reimburse 100% of the "cancellation goods" declared as defective goods without checking another service process is unfortunately no longer possible.

Returns of defective goods have to be shipped free of charge to:

KeMarCom UG
z.H. Mark Kenstler
Salmanskirchen 2
Kirche / Pfarrheim
84539 Ampfing
Tel. 0151-51938285


Returns are only accepted subject to our review. Returns of new goods have to be shipped free of charge to:

bizness enabler GmbH
c / o Finitex GmbH & Co. KG
Dr.-Raber-Str. 4th
19230 Hagenow

Unless otherwise agreed, returns can only be processed by us if they have been registered and the quantity has been specified.

Acceptance of the return does not in any way mean acceptance of a defect or other customer complaint. In any case, the return, including that of accidental loss, is at the risk of the customer. In the case of returns for which the customer is responsible, in particular, but not exclusively, in the event of refusals to accept, we will charge a re-storage fee.