Vifa Reykjavik (lavastone black)

Portable Bluetooth Music System
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It’s the smallest loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless Reykjavik still has an... more
Portable Bluetooth Music System
It’s the smallest loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless Reykjavik still has an impressively powerful sound, due to its shape allowing a 360-degree experience.

They say that small is beautiful. In that case, the new Reykjavik loudspeaker must be qualified as simply stunning. Its ultra-compact, pebble-like design is just as intriguing and understated as the rough Icelandic nature that inspired this loudspeaker. “We wanted to complete our range of portable loudspeakers which already includes Helsinki and Oslo,” says Michael Sørensen, CEO at Vifa: “As we have done with all our speakers, we wanted to challenge the physical limits for creating great sound. I must say that, once again, our engineering-team solved the task in the most marvelous way. As tiny as it seems, Reykjavik still has an impressively powerful sound, due to clever and careful engineering.” 

Back in black 
Material-wise, there are certainly surprises too. One model still comes in the classic, high-quality Kvadrat woolen fabric that covers Vifa’s other products. But Reykjavik is also available in a rough, rocky version of anodized aluminum. A whole new surface to the brand’s universe and a tribute to the Icelandic muses: “The aluminum version carries a colour called Lavastone Black. We did several prototypes before ending up with this specific metal cover in this particular colour. We wanted to convey the fissured, foggy sceneries of the Northern hemisphere, and I do hope this new look will be just as well received as the more gently looking version of Reykjavik in Sandstone Grey,” CEO Michael Sørensen says. The new surface material is sturdy and resistant and perfectly matches a bring-me-along existence of a portable product. The leather strap allows you to carry the loudspeaker with you or hang it wherever you want.  

Vifa number five 
Reykjavik is the fifth wireless loudspeaker launched by Vifa in only three years. The Danish manufacturer’s audio-roots go all the way back to the 1930’s, as a sub-supplier to other speaker-brands. Believing that premium sound deserves a high-end presentation, Vifa in 2014 decided to launch its own range of wireless loudspeakers, building on the solid experience and proud craftsmanship behind the brand. The result is a series of high-end, highly intuitive and aesthetically attractive loudspeakers, which never compromise the authentic sound that has been a core value for the brand throughout the years. ”We are really proud that we’ve managed to create this piece, in line with our legacy of designing outstanding sound,” concludes Michael Sørensen, CEO at Vifa.

- Bluetooth Wireless Technology 
- AUX 3.5 mm mini jack 
- USB playback 
- Lithium Ion battery 
- DSP crossover, optimized for low distortion and high precision 
- 3 channel digital amplifier 
- LINK two speakers 
- Speaker phone (Incl. noise/echo cancelling)

Vifa Reykjavik incl. Travel bag, USB-C cable, quickguide, Safety instructions and warranty.

DIMENSIONS: Height 65 mm / Diameter 139 mm WEIGHT: 0.6 kg 
CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, AUX 3.5 mm mini‐jack, USB-C 
BATTERY: Rechargeable Lithium battery 
MATERIALS: Custom made Kvadrat textile, anodized aluminum 
DRIVE UNITS: Tweeter 2 X 19 mm Vifa drive units with coated fabric dome and neodymium magnet; Woofer 70 mm Vifa drive unit with aluminum cone and neodymium magnet 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 62 Hz – 20 kHz @ +/- 3 dB 

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